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Radiant floor heating (RFH) is an ideal way to warm your home or business. With conventional (or pushed air) heating systems, heat rises to the ceiling; however, when using an RFH system, the heat stays closer to the lower part of the room.

So how does it work? With RFH, warm water is circulated beneath your floor, ceilings, or walls through our RAUPEX pipes, radiating heat from the entire radiant heating panel to warm you and every object in the room.

Energy-conscious homeowners can enjoy the elegance of vaulted ceilings and large expanses of glass with the high performance of REHAU vinyl windows and radiant floor heating.

How RFH Works

  • Pumps and valves circulate water through your RFH system.
  • Specially designed brass fittings repair or join pipes permanently.
  • Warm water is supplied to your RFH system by a boiler, water heater, solar collector or geothermal system.

RFH Benefits

  • The temperature of each room can be individually controlled.
  • Tighter spacing between pipes yields even more warmth, which is a big plus in a bathroom.
  • Since RFH takes up no wall space, it’s an ideal solution for kitchens.

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